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Manly Stanley Shave Soap Tin

Oakwood Aromatics

Regular price £10.00

Traditional shaving soap made with lots of castor oil, this softens the hair before you shave, giving a close, smooth shave. It is hypoallergenic too so no shave rash. 

Scented with fresh and zesty lemon and peppermint essential oil. Lather with a brush. This 125g shave soap in a tin will last for months and months.

Also available in a black cotton gift bag with a travel shaving brush, so just pop your favourite razor in, good to go!

VF = Vegan Friendly

Ingredients, in English:

olive, coconut, castor, jojoba and avocado oils, shea butter.

Essential oils: lemon and peppermint

 Sensitisers naturally occurring in the essential oils: citral and limonene.

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